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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 2, Tuesday: In Which Our Heroine Eats Half a Hard-Boiled Egg

What I ate on this day.

9:00: 4 slices of bacon
2:00: Half a hardboiled egg
2:30: Cucumber, turkey, goat cheese plate
6:00: Green apple with almond butter (I salted the almond butter)
8:30: Pork chops and broccoli

Another kind of odd day. I'm a little fuzzy about the times that I ate these things, but I will say that I had the half a hardboiled egg (how sad is that? HALF a hardboiled egg? We hadn't gone grocery shopping yet and it was the only egg left in the house, so we split it) at like 2:00. So I had four slices of bacon for breakfast. Again, it was all we had in the house. I love bacon, and I love that eating Paleo means being okay with eating bacon, but even I feel that four slices of bacon for breakfast, and nothing else, is a bit degenerate. However, my stomach didn't hurt and I felt clear-headed and pretty energetic. That's really my barometer for whether or not a food plan, or a meal, is working for me. I am excruciatingly sensitive to sugar. I can feel my blood sugar spike just from eating a banana. Of course the spike is always followed by a crash. So if I were to have, say, a banana for breakfast, or a glass of orange juice with a slice of gluten free bread with jam, I would spike and crash within 30 minutes. When I say crash, I mean that it's really not safe for me to drive in that condition. So that fact that I felt clear-headed and relatively energetic after the four slices of bacon makes it, for me, a win. Not ideal, but a win.

The cucumber, turkey, and goat cheese were the only lunch-esque food we had left in the house. So I sliced them all up, put them on a platter, dressed the cucumber with olive oil and lemon, and voila. Husband was pretty happy and I was too.

The green apple with almond butter: salt makes everything better! I use the Trader Joe's raw, unsweetened almond butter. There's no sodium in it, which suits me fine--they always add too much--so I add my own salt. This makes the snack incredibly decadent.

Another note, this time about the pork chops and broccoli. When I say pork chops and broccoli, you may be envisioning a dry, sad little chop and some soggy seasonless steamed broccoli. NO. Homie don't PLAY like that. We keep the fat on the chops and season them with a ton of herbs. When my husband's done cooking them there are a ton of blackened herbs and oil left in the pan. My husband calls them "leavin's". They are crispy and fantastic! I steam the broccoli to perfect al dente and doctor it with olive oil and lemon and salt. It's AWESOME. We loved our dinner.

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